ConnectSAT and Skyroot Aerospace sign MoU to accelerate growing need for satellites and data for the African region

ConnectSAT and Skyroot Aerospace signed a Memorandum of Understanding for future cooperation to explore and develop the African space market for various social applications and monitoring and surveillance solutions through the “OSIRIS” project, a constellation of African satellites for social impact and resource management.

The objective of this collaboration is, in the short term, to participate in the launch of satellites on the African satellite market and, in the medium term, to build, operate and transfer a launch base in Africa.

Africa’s space industry is projected to grow to over $ 10.29 billion by 2024, with a growing number of companies and innovations, according to the African Space Industry’s 2019 Annual Report. The establishment of the African Space Agency (AfSA) will further promote, advise and coordinate the development and use of space science and technology in Africa, in line with AU Agenda 2063.

Skyroot Aerospace is an Indian space launch services provider, which manufactures and operates its own line of small satellite launch vehicles and is also engaged in other engineering services.

ConnectSAT is a French space-for-good company that provides satellite connectivity solutions to enable applications like telemedicine, e-education in remote areas and to disconnected populations without hospitals or schools. On the other hand, it offers solutions to track and monitor natural resources in developing countries using satellite technology.