Signal Processing Jobs

Call for internships :
R&D satellite to satellite laser communication
R&D Internship Satellite-Ground Communications

The Aerospace ecosystem is rapidly evolving towards Constellation of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) LEO orbit offers reduced Latency and high speed broadband capabilities using Optical Intersatellite Link (OISL) instruments based on Laser . This technology brings new challenges like ability to accurately control the laser beam direction between 2 satellites hundreds of kms apart and support very high data throughput. The internship will tackle as well study the high speed data signal chain enabling Full duplex, symmetrical, simultaneous transmit and receive Optical communication.

Among areas of explorations:

ConnectSAT aerospace is seeking to hire communication system engineers as an intern. These positions entail the design and implementation of modems and related algorithms in a software radio environment. In this position, the interns will participate in:

Distilling waveform descriptions into working transmitters and receivers
Identify Suitable High-speed laser communication
Study suitable System telemetry for OISL
All this by taking in account the electronic constraints in Space.
You´ll be part of a team of Space Mission Design who are working on a Real Time Satellite Observation project.

Minimum Requirements:

Pursuing a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering or related field Basic understanding of schematics, layouts and digital components.

Preferred Qualifications:

Demonstrated strong analytical and problem solving skills, excellent communication and presentation skills ability to work in teams and collaborate effectively with people in different functions, strong time management skills that enable on-time project delivery, ability to work effectively in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, ability to take initiative and drive for results

Key skills :

• Experience in optical alignment and a taste for experimental optics
• Interfacing skills (detection systems, arduino…)
• Knowledge in wave optics, Fourier optics
• Training in optics
• Nice-to-have : • Knowledge in programming (C, Python, Matlab) • Rigor, motivation and autonomy

Are you interested for this position ? if yes drop an email with attached curriculum and motivation letter to : [email protected] and don’t forget to mention the job title as subject.