Guidance Navigation And Controls

At ConnectSAT aerospace, we are redefining how high-quality satellite constellations are built at scale. Our focus is on developing and using intelligent and agile engineering and manufacturing processes to accelerate the development and production of small-sat constellations, all while lowering costs and increasing on-orbit capabilities.

The work we do at ConnectSAT is helping organizations and markets change the world by removing the barriers to building satellite constellations.

Position Description:

ConnectSAT aerospace requires an experienced, creative, and energetic GNC engineer to support the development of high-performance attitude determination and control systems (ADCS) for satellite constellations. We need an exceptional individual contributor who enjoys working closely with hardware in an agile and dynamic environment where schedules are critical.

As a GNC engineer at ConnectSAT aerospace, you will be part of a team responsible for the development of dynamic models for spacecraft motion, actuators, sensors, and the space environment. You will develop, implement, and test attitude determination and control algorithms and autonomous features in 6-DOF simulation. You will participate in hardware development and procurement, working closely with suppliers to ensure attitude control hardware performs to requirements. You will work closely with customers to support and maintain ConnectSAT spacecraft in orbit.

To be successful in this position, you will need to be passionate about delivering exceptional products that meet or exceed requirements and enable new capabilities for satellite performance. This passion will fuel your self-motivation to push tasks to ultimate completion. You will also need to enjoy working in a collaborative environment and work daily with engineers from multiple disciplines – systems, software, electrical, etc. You must be eager to receive and give peer feedback that enables our high performing team to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Primary Responsibilities:

● Participate in the definition and maturation of spacecraft system and attitude control subsystem requirements
● Develop models for attitude control and sensing devices such as reaction wheels, thrusters, IMUs, star trackers, and sun sensors
● Architect and execute characterization tests on actuators and sensors
● Create 6-DOF simulations of spacecraft in Matlab/Simulink
● Develop rigid and flexible spacecraft dynamic models
● Develop and implement maintainable spacecraft attitude estimation and control algorithms
● Generate, test, and verify Simulink autocode
● Create and execute integrated hardware and system testing
● Work closely with attitude control system hardware providers to provide technical oversight and review

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