Flight Dynamics Engineer

ConnectSAT aerospace is looking for a Flight Dynamics Engineer who is a self-motivated, multi-tasker, and demonstrated team-player. The Flight Dynamics Engineer will help design and develop mission critical applications used to support satellite flight operations.

As an aerospace engineer, you will be responsible for performing various analyses in the Space Domain Awareness (SDA) domain. You will perform applied research, develop algorithms, and perform simulations spanning multiple topics including: state estimation, maneuver detection, error propagation, and collision probability analysis. You will help design and develop various astrodynamics applications.

You should excel in working with large-scale applications, frameworks, and mission critical systems. You will be a hands-on leader who leads by example.


● Develop various astrodynamics algorithms and mathematical specifications
● Perform mission design analysis for both current and future satellite missions
● Support real-time mission critical operations during launch and early orbit
● Provide technical leadership to other team members
● Help foster a positive and inclusive team culture


● Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, PhD…
● Experience with orbit analysis tools, i.e., GMAT, OREKIT, STK, Freeflyer, Monte, Copernicus
● Expertise in state estimation, probability and statistics
● Relevant coursework in orbital mechanics, linear control systems, statistical orbit determination, and optimization
● 5+ years experience developing complex MATLAB scripts
● Experience with Cloud Computing technologies
● Experience with software development life cycle and agile methodologies
● Ability to multitask, organize, and prioritize work

Are you interested for this position ? if yes drop an email with attached curriculum and motivation letter to : [email protected] and don’t forget to mention the job title as subject.